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Our aim is to provide a ‘Clean Air Solution’ to ensure the protection of client’s employees from contaminants in the working environment.

SW Testing Services Ltd offer a range of products and services designed to meet the needs of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Extraction Systems. We specialise in the design, installation, inspection and servicing of all LEV dust, fume and vapour extraction systems.

We can supply standard extraction packages or complete design and installation packages which have been tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual application.

SW Testing Services Ltd engineers offer inspection and maintenance services which help ensure continued effective system performance throughout the equipment lifespan.

As well as the design and installation of new systems, we can also offer advice on suitable upgrade packages to allow existing equipment to meet the requirements of current health and safety legislation.

Our engineers have years of experience and hold BOHS qualifications P601 or P604.

We are a listed affiliated member of BOHS

We also are able to carry out your Noise Sampling requests – our Noise Sampling engineering carries an IOSH qualification.

What is LEV?2018-07-04T14:59:03+00:00

LEV stands for Local Exhaust Ventilation. It is an engineering control put in place to reduce or completely remove operator exposure to substances.

LEV is often the most effective way of removing potential operator exposure especially when the design of extraction is carried out at source.

LEV systems require routine testing and maintenance, dependant on what process they are used on, and the design of the system. As it is often the only engineering control in place, it is imperative that the system is always working as the design intended.

If you are able to obtain a copy of a datasheet for the product you are using, it may state that LEV is recommended or mandatory whilst using their product.

Why should I service my LEV system?2018-07-04T14:58:48+00:00

Your LEV system is probably the last control measure which removes a contaminate from an operators breathing zone or workplace. If your LEV fails, are you willing to face the potential down time that threatens your production line?

If your LEV system returns the air back to the workplace, the system will most likely rely on the condition of a filter. Filters can become blocked, or perforated, or saturated especially when no routine maintenance is carried out, meaning that your workplace could become hazardous without you knowing.

Frequent servicing will reduce the potential for LEV systems failing to operate and should be carried out routinely. Refer to the user manual for recommended filter replacement intervals.

Do I need my LEV Thoroughly examined and tested?2018-07-04T15:00:14+00:00

Health and safety law says you must assess the risks to your workers from hazardous substances – dusts, fumes, vapours, etc. – and decide what measures to use to protect their health.

If the measures you adopt include extraction systems (LEV) to remove the dusts, fumes, vapours etc. produced by your work processes or activities, then you must maintain the LEV in efficient working order so it continues to provide the necessary protection. You should also have a periodic thorough examination and test (at least every 14 months) and must keep this record for at least 5 years. In addition, you should have information on the installed LEV system to confirm it provides adequate protection, which should be kept for the life of the equipment.

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