Proof of effective control is the critical test, and air sampling may be appropriate to make this assessment. Sampling can be carried out before any improvements are made to create a bench mark value or to determine whether any further controls are required. Sampling is also carried out once all elements of the system are established, including correct operator behaviour.

SW Testing Services Ltd is able to offer personal and background air sampling. We are able to sample gas/vapours and dust by the use of our personal air sampling pumps and filter media.

There are many different methods of taking air samples, but by far the most widely used and preferred is to connect a battery operated pump to a filter medium. The pump will draw air through the correct filter type (Sampler) at a constant rate of flow over a time in excess of 8 hours.

All results are compared to the EH40/2005 Workplace Exposure Limits and all samples are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.