SW Testing Services offer planned maintenance programmes to identify the current physical and operating condition of your system together with a report, and detailed action plan should it be required, to restore the system to maximum operating efficiency.

We can also tailor our service packages specifically to meet your requirements. We also offer a breakdown service should this be required.

In addition to our inspection services, SW Testing Services can provide the necessary maintenance work using skilled engineers who work exclusively in Fume, Vapour and Dust Extraction. Our knowledge of the equipment and work environment provides an efficient, cost effective alternative to using in-house maintenance personnel.

Just one of our specialist services is the cleaning of electrostatic ionising cells. A highly contaminated cell will result in reduced extraction performance, or may cause the cell to arc out which may burn the power pack out resulting in expensive and unnecessary repair bills.

With our specialist equipment, we are able to bring our industrial cleaner to your site to clean all of your contaminated cells. Several of our customers have us visit on a regular basis to carry out this maintenance. Mouse over the image below to see before and after images of a cell that has been cleaned.

Other Services that we carry out include:

Filter bag changes
Plant rebuilds and refurbishment
Pulse-Jet and shaker repairs
Ductwork and hooding improvements or repairs